What’s Attractive?

*Disclaimer: This is just my personal opinion and not a checklist. It’s just what attracts me.

There is more than just looks that can catch my attention.

Someone with great self confidence is a definite turn on. They show their confidence and not cockiness around people. Someone who knows what to say and when to say it.

Someone who lets all potential lovers know the they put family and education before them. This not may seem like a turn on but it’s important to me that someone cares that much about family and takes it seriously.

Someone who can hold a deep and thoughtful conversation with me for a really long time without having any awkward silences. Someone who makes 3 hours feel like it was only one because our conversation was that great.

Someone who has the brains and the intelligence. Someone who’s book smart and street smart. Someone who knows what they want. Someone who sets goals, never gives up, and strives to finish them. Someone who’s dedicated and passionate about what they do.

What does that mean? Well someone’s who is real to me is straight up and honest with me. Someone who doesn’t try to act like someone else to get my attention. Someone who knows their wrongs from rights. Someone who doesn’t have to always be all sweet, corny, and different around me and still manage to make me fall head over heals. 

To me, the corny thing is a little overdone nowadays. Guys do it all the time when they first meet a girl and sometimes, the next thing you know, they turn into douchebags. Someone easy would fall for that. Someone intelligent would not.

Being a little too complex drives people crazy. Trust me, it even drives the people you’re not dating but hang around with crazy. To me, it’s a turn off, but to you it might be different. Then again, this is my blog so I’m free to say whatever right? Simplicity is what truly keeps me sane. Having someone I don’t have to worry about all the time, someone who doesn’t worry too much about me. A lot of people are really complex nowadays, and can never differentiate between their wants and needs. They contradict themselves all the time and never realize it. Someone simple can differentiate between the two.

And those are the turn ons, and what I’m attracted to.