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Relationships: What NOT to do

Some people screw up pretty badly in relationships these days, so this will my general list of what you should not do when in a relationship. It’s all personal opinion and based on my own personal experiences..

Do not hide things.

– Hiding things never works, your significant other will find out one way or another, so be open. Don’t be afraid to let them know who you were in the past either, it’s all in the past. This is the present. Hiding things will only cause problems.

Do not be fake.

– If you act like someone else, your significant other will fall for that fake person instead of you. Trust me, I know you want to be the best girlfriend or the best boyfriend but if you’re too nice, you will be taken advantage of. Have an ego.

Do not make permanent decisions on temporary feelings.

– You don’t know what you’re going to feel in the future, so don’t start promising things. It just boosts up their expectation and causes more problems, when promises break. And absolutely do not promise forever. Let’s be realistic here, almost everything doesn’t last forever. So enjoy it for the moment.

Do not be over-protective, especially if your significant other has never done something to lose your trust.

– There is a difference between being protective and over-protective. Know it. If not, there will be fights you’ll hate.

Do not be spiteful

– Just because your significant other checks someone out, doesn’t mean you can start flirting with someone to make them jealous. Just communicate. So you both understand your limits. Communicating doesn’t mean go argue either.

Do not assume things

– Talk it out with your significant other, before assuming things. It’ll just drive them insane if you assume. Assuming only leads to bad thoughts. You would never think good of any situation and it always leads you to think of the worst possible scenario. You will end up looking stupid or feeling bad if your assumptions are wrong.

Do not settle in

– I mean if you’re both married and financially stable then, by all means, go ahead. But if you guys are having problems, moving in together shouldn’t even be a thought in your mind right now. Fix things first, and wait a few more years. You’re still young. Settling in at this stage will cause stress, difficulty, and a lot of other problems.

Most of you guys do this because you look forward to spend your whole life together, but no. I have been in that situation a couple times. You’re only going to find yourself depressed, stressed, and lonely. Just live life for the moment. Enjoy your relationship right now: it may or may not last. Just enjoy it for the moment so that way, you’ll be glad that it happened at all, rather than disappointed that it ended.